2014 MS Civil Rights Martyrs Conference

50th Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service, Caravan, Conference and March for Justice

June 20 and 21, 2014

Neshoba County, Mississippi


Still standing for justice for Civil Rights Martyrs!


You are invited to attend the 50th Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service, Conference, Caravan and March for Justice on June 20th and 21st.

We will remember and honor Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs.

Over fifty martyrs have been identified thus far and compared to the number of Mississippi murders committed – and the number of murderers involved – investigations and prosecutions have been a token few. 

“What is the measure of justice in Mississippi today?”


Friday June 20th

8:30 am  Not-very-mobile people Assemble east of the Mississippi State Capitol Bldg. Students  Assemble at Coliseum in Jackson

8:45 am March and/or Caravan to

·State Capitol Building · Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) · Grand Lodge of Mississippi · Jackson State University where James Earl Green, Phillip L. Gibbs and Benjamin Brown were murdered · Medgar Evers’ home · Beth Israel Congregation

2:30 pm A Meet and Greet at First Union Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian 

6:00 pm A special service in Memory of George Smith, civil rights organizer in Philadelphia in the 1960s and valued colleague in this Martyrs’ event for many years

Saturday June 21st   

8:30am  Meet at First Union Missionary Baptist Church.  We will visit · the Chaney Home ·  COFO office in Meridian · Lauderdale County Courthouse · Okatibbee Cemetery-James Chaney’s Grave · Rock Cut Road- Site of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner Murders ·   Longdale Community and Educational Center.

12:40 pm  Picnic 

2:00 pm  Annual Conference

Conference Topics: Voters’ Rights * Workers Rights * Education * Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Pipeline * Recent Murders * What happened to Black Farmers money? * Jim Crow-Old and New

7:30pm  Candlelight vigil at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

For more information, contact John Steele, Chairman, at freedomstruggle24.7@gmail.com or (925) 956- 3435

Ralph Fertig    Curtis Muhammad     Diane Nash       George Roberts     Rev. C. T. Vivian     

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